5 Signs that Your AC System Needs Repair

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The air conditioner in our homes is our savior during hot summer days. Even if the weather is super-hot, the ac system can still perform. Air conditioners have long life expectancy, but without regular maintenance that long years can reduce into shorter ones. A faulty air conditioner is easy to tell, because the signs will be pretty obvious to people. However, inexperienced homeowners might not notice these signs. You might feel that you need an air conditioning repair but the problems might also be worse than that. It’s important to be aware of the things that make your air conditioner faulty, the following are the signs.  

AC System 

Produces Warm Air 

Obviously, air conditioner produces cool air during summer days. When it’s not doing its job which is supposed to make the air cooler and produces warm air instead, your air conditioner should be looked at. If you tried putting it in a full blast but the air is still warm, serious repair is needed. It means that the Freon levels are too low or the compressor is damaged. A repair or replacement might be needed.  

Experiencing Thermostat Problems 

There are times that your air conditioning unit itself is not the problem but your thermostat. That’s why you should have some knowledge on where the problem lies, or hire a professional who can. One way to tell that you have a faulty thermostat is when the air distribution is not equal, where one part feels too cold while the other part has the same temperature. 

Poor Air Flow 

If you are experiencing weak air flow through the vents of your AC units, it might be because the compressor is failing. For example, one part of your house is not getting the same cold air like the others. The cause might be because of the duct work. If it’s like this, you will need an urgent repair for it.  

That’s why regular maintenance is important because you might be experiencing debris or dust getting stuck in the vents. It will not only weaken the air flow but it’s also a health risk for your family. You can clean the air duct yourself to make sure that the airflow is fine and the system is working. 

Moisture on Places Where it Should be Dry 

Leakage or moisture in the parts of your AC system where it’s supposed to be dry is another sign of problems. The leak could either be of that refrigerant or broken air conditioner condensation. If you think the cause is a refrigerant leak, call a technician right away because it’s a serious health risk.  

Strange Sounds and Odor 

If you hear strange sounds and smell stranger odor coming from the air conditioner, it means the unit should be replaced. The noises imply that the inner component of the unit needs to be replaced, or else the entire unit will breakdown. Pungent smells mean that the wire insulation is burned. A musty smell implies that the inside of the unit has mold. These things should be taken care of right away.  

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The 4 Ps of Marketing

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When you hear the word Marketing, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is the selling of products. In a very raw and general sense that is all marketing is about. Product is given to the marketing department, and it is their job to sell it to the people and persuade them to get it. Marketing, however, is much more than that.   



There are many facets to marketing for Four Percent Review, there is research, merchandising, public relations, advertising, sales promotion, and selling. These are the facets that makeup marketing and going into detail about these facets would take a very long time, but one thing that needs to be stressed about marketing is the 4 Ps. This is one of the most important parts of marketing, yet some people are still oblivious to this essential part of marketing. Here are the 4Ps and why they are important to marketing.   

The first P of marketing stands for the place. The place is an important part of marketing because it shows businesses where to place their product or service. This is essential for marketing because as a businessman you need to know where to place your product to maximize profit properly.   

Making the most profit possible is the goal of any businessman, and you need to make the most profit in the place wherein your target market would most likely be in so that they will take notice of your service or product and will hopefully push them to buy the product. Choosing the wrong place would negatively affect your business because you are selling in the wrong place which will hugely affect the sales.  

The second P of marketing is the price. The price is one of the most important parts of a product or service. Any product or service that is priced correctly will surely blow up amongst the people and will propel your company forward. Without proper pricing, you would be garnering losses, or nobody would buy the product or service which would put the business on a decline when it should be going up. Marketing helps in pricing the product through research so that the price is set right.   

The third P is a promotion. This is one of the most important parts of marketing because it makes it known to the people about their product or service. It shows them through the ads that are developed by the marketing teams of businesses or companies that they need these things and without them they will feel some emptiness. This is one of the great points of promotion for businesses because it shows how much power and impact it has on the customers.   

Lastly, the final P is a product. This is probably the most important P of the mall because without a product you will not be able to promote anything or tag a price on something or even put it in a place to sell.   

The product may be intangible or tangible, and maybe it is even a service, the important thing about this is that you create a product catered to the needs of the people and will be of use to them. Local times is an advertising company that gives importance to the 4 Ps of marketing which will help your company prosper so get your marketing needs from this company.

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Storm Safety Tips 

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Storms are becoming more and more prevalent in this day and age. It is possible that these storms are coming because of the vast problems we face with the environment. Problems of deforestation and global warming are presumed to be one of the leading causes as to why stronger storms have been emerging lately. This has increased the need for safety during these trying times. It is important to keep safety as one of the number one priorities during these times because your life is way more important than material things. Those material things could be replaced but your lives cannot. Here are some storm safety tips you should take note of should you find yourself in a situation like this.   

Storm Safety Tips

One tip would be to be aware of the storm. Sometimes we could just be busy and become oblivious to the things around us especially when we are so into the work that is currently occupying yourself. Becoming aware of the storm is the first step to safety because after knowing that there is a storm you will be able to better prepare for it. Not only will it help you prepare but hopefully put you into a mindset that makes you more alert. A lot of things could happen during a storm, and if you are not in the right mind, you may be running into trouble. It is important to make the right decisions because one wrong move could put you in major difficulty.     

The second tip is to ask for help. This is a major key that most people tend to forget. This is not a movie, you cannot do everything on your own, this is real life, and in life, you will need help in one way or another. Asking for help does not make you weak but actually, shows that you are smart because you know that you will have a higher chance of being safe with the help of other people rather than being on your own. It is important to note that if you can ask for help do so because in extreme storms it will be hard to be alone and you are fortunate to have the opportunity to call someone during a storm so it would be best to do it.     

Lastly, try to invest in a storm shelter OKC. Storm shelters are the best spaces to be in during storms because they were created for the sole purpose to protect people during storms. Investing in one would be helpful especially if you are in an area that is frequently hit by storms and the best part about getting a storm shelter is that you can accommodate your loved ones too.     

Storm shelters are not made for one person only but usually to help a group of individuals who are looking for refuge in times of a storm. Always remember that safety is the number one priority during storms. These tips will help you be safer during storms so keep it in mind when situations like this arise.  

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